Helpful Tips

  • Laminating or clear contact paper help your charts last longer, as well as providing a way to use them over and over again using a dry-erase marker or a vis--vis marker.  This is especially helpful with the number charts, multiplication tables, maps, music symbol help sheet, bookmarks, chore charts, etc.  You can also use clear page protectors.

  • Another way to use charts frequently is by placing them in the clear page protectors and placing them into a 3-ring binder or report cover with brads.

  • Use cardstock for durability when printing off report cards, memory verse cards, bookmarks, etc.

  • Store your forms in a 3-ring binder for easy access.

  • Your child can have his/her own 3-ring binder to keep important charts handy, or laminate and keep in a folder for easy access.

  • Rewarding your child can make your homeschooling experience even better, and a lot of fun for your children!

  • Even if you do not consider yourself organized, using the basic forms will  help you feel less have fun with the forms, do your own thing, and before you know if, you will be organized!

  • When making the game boards, have your children decorate as they wish, perhaps using a theme.  Decorate with crayons, markers, stickers, glitter, etc.  For durability, laminate.

  • When using the recipe cards, cut out and place in a recipe card holder.

  • When using the matching game cards, laminate for durability or use card stock.  Also, print off using different color paper or card stock to help you keep them in their proper place.

  • When writing names on certificates and diplomas, use a calligraphy pen or marker, the certificates will look professionally done in only a matter of minutes.

  • When using the forms that are black and white, allow your children to color them in using crayons, colored pencils or marker.

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